Norfolk Archery Club Inc.                                                                            Norfolk Nebraska
Event Calendar
Club Events and Activities

The following are club events and activities for the year that all
Norfolk Archery Club members and their families may participate in.

Fun Shoot/Pizza Party — Saturday, March 18: We start with a pizza party, followed by
the fun shoot (shooting at balloons, flames on candles, playing archery poker, etc)

Traveling Trophy Shoot — Thursday, March 30: This competition is between all members
whether they are currently shooting league or not, as long as they hand in two scores to
establish a handicap. The winner gets their name on a traveling trophy, which they then get
to keep for a year until the next competition.

Annual Club Banquet — Saturday, April 22: The banquet is held at the end of indoor league.
Since 2008, it has been held at the indoor range and catered by a local restaurant. We
enjoy a meal, awards for indoor league, Shooters of the Year, and Archer of the Year, a
slide show of pictures taken throughout the year, and door prizes.

Annual Club Picnic/Coon Shoot — Saturday, Aug. 26: Held at the end of outdoor league, at
the outdoor range. The meat for the meal is provided by the club, and members bring
salads and desserts. After the meal we do the awards for outdoor league. Once it is dark,
members break off into groups for the “coon shoot” – shooting at targets in the dark using
flashlights to light up the reflective tape on 3-D targets. After everyone is done, awards are
handed out for the coon shoot.