Monthly Shooting Fees:

6 months Single Membership

6 months Family Membership

Target Fees:
Practice Targets: $.25/per target
No fees for new targets on
league night.

League Fees:
A Trophy fee is decided on for each
of our leagues, which is paid out
as awards at the end of league.
Most Leagues have a fee of $4.00.
Norfolk Archery Club Inc.
Membership Fees
Norfolk Archery Club, is a Non-Profit Corporation
with two classes of members. Apprentice members
and Class A members.   

Apprentice Members:

* Will remain apprentice members for at least one year.

* Can apply to the board of directors for class A
membership after one year.  

* Can shoot any time the range is open.

* Can attend all club functions.

* Cannot hold offices of any kind.

Class A Members:

* Must be 18 years of age or older.
Any person age 18 or older must have a seperate
membership. (example: Children over the age of 18
whose parents have a family membership)

* Member must be in the club for a period of one year.

* Adult members will be responsible for their own

*  Must attend at least three club meetings per year
Note:  members may contact the board if unable to
attend.  If no one is contacted member will be
counted as unexcused.

*  Members must attend at least 5 work details and
or work at 5 tournaments per year  
( for a total of 5 ).

All planned work details will be published in
newsletter prior to date.  To be excused you must
contact the range director.

*  All members shall be entitled to one vote on each
"open" vote of the members.  Only class A
members may vote on matters submitted for roll
call voting.  Any class A member may request a
roll call vote.