Norfolk Archery Club
Outdoor Range
1/2 Mile off of
Highway 81 on
North Airport Road
Norfolk Archery
Indoor Range
302 Phillip Avenue
Membership Information
Norfolk Archery Club
Mission Statement: To Have Fun Shooting Arrows

Norfolk Archery Club, is a Non-Profit Corporation with two classes of members.  
Apprentice Members and Class A Members. Ask a member for more details.

Membership Fees:
6 Month Single Membership
6 Month Family Membership

Target Fees:
Practice Targets:$.25 per target
No fees for new targets on league nights

League Fees:
A Trophy fee is decided on for each of our leagues, which is paid out as awards at the and of league.  Most
Leagues have a fee of $4.00
Thursday Night Indoor League Nights
450 FITA Round starts around the end of September and ends last part of December
with Scoring starting at 7:30pm.

300 Round starts the first Thursday of January and ends around the first part of April
with Scoring starting at 7:30pm.

Thursday Night Outdoor League Nights
Field Animal Hunter Rounds start the end of April and ends around the first part of September.

If you are unable to shoot on Thursday please have your makeup round to Jason by 5:00pm
the following Wednesday Night at:
Ron @ 402-750-9621