Norfolk Archery
Indoor Range
302 Phillip Avenue
Norfolk Archery Club
Mission Statement: To Have Fun Shooting Arrows
Norfolk Archery Club
Outdoor Range
1/2 Mile off of
Highway 81 on
North Airport Road
Welcome To The Norfolk Archery Club Website!

Archery - The Family Sport - Is - Fun!
We have a big variety of members at Norfolk Archery Club.  Some of us are mainly hunters...others
mainly target shooters.  Some of us only shoot once a week during league...others are absolute
archery nuts and do it all.  Some of us shoot almost every day...others just want a convenient place to
shoot arrows from time to time.  Some are very competitive...others just want to shoot for relaxation.  
We shoot different equipment and have different amounts of intensity,
but we have one time in common...

This is the purpose of the have fun shooting archery!
Ron @ 402-750-9621